The Universal Religion of Love

In all great religions- from East to West- living a life of love is seen as the essence of life and is expressed in love for life. In this context reference is sometimes made to ‘respect for life,’ to ‘ahimsa, non-violent interaction with all forms of life’ or to the ‘simple religion of love.’ All this expressed in the language of the heart: one spirit, one humankind, one world, one universe. Despite diversity there is unity among religions: Love


With compassion as a guiding principle the religion of love inspires us humans to connect with ourselves here at this very moment and, furthermore, with all people and the living world around us. Then we can live in harmony and as equals. Solidarity gives meaning to our lives and inspires us to consciously deal with the earth, its inhabitants and all its resources.


Love speaks the language of the heart. In our hearts we experience Creation and therefore our own existence as a mystery- a mystery which fills us with wonder again and again. In the loving language of the heart man is a flower in the garden of Creation, a flower that participates in the mystery. Man has a creative awareness and therefore man is also a creator. Today more than ever we, being members of the ‘global community’, are challenged to live a life of mindful creation.


All great traditions consider humanisation their most important spiritual mission. We want to experience the meaning of this mission in the here and now. Awareness enables us to be human beings true to our essence. This awareness induces us to look for our home, our source, for a place, a city, a country where we feel at home spiritually.  In this way we can find the way to our humanity, to the source of love which we come from.


In the stories of the great traditions within the universal religion of love the key issue is the acknowledgement of the fact that we are allowed to live as liberated people and that, as a result, we can contribute to the liberation of all living creatures, people and animals.


The religion of love is ‘reference for life put into practice.’ This respect doesn’t only concern people but also plants and animals, in fact the whole earth. It has a cosmic scope. Our respect for the physical, mental and social integrity of all creatures is reflected in our behaviour.


Compassion (sympathy) is the foundation of all religious, ethical and spiritual traditions. We are continually encouraged to treat all living creatures as we would want them to treat us.

Rising to the occasion

We live in a world that does not correspond with our inner values. The vision of a harmonious, loving world implies a prophetic opposition to pain, sorrow and suffering, poverty, exploitation and war. Instead of standing by we raise our voices and actively undertake to stop all injustice and violence and all that tears apart this world and destroys it.


Everywhere people, animals, plants and situations are waiting to be healed. Love invites us to look for our spiritual home and look for people who, together with us, are willing to contribute (in a creative and liberating way) to the fulfillment of our shared desire for justice, peace and unity. Our commitment shows us the way to our original awareness, our authentic wishes and desires , to our true identity.


Love challenges us, as creative people, to make this world an ideal, loving and sustainable one based on equality and respect. In this world we reach our full potential when we not only appreciate ourselves and each other but everything that lives. This leads to a sustainable world that meets our norms and values and our common, heartfelt longing for love, solidarity and openness.

Defining existence

The religion of love requires us to be rooted in life with a clear view of our own existence and that of others. This clear view opens up our hearts to what can inspire us  (while reflecting or meeting)  to jointly contribute to a beautiful, loving, human and sustainable world.

We signeren dit manifest...

We willen met het tekenen van dit manifest woorden geven aan wat wij zien als de essentie van elke religie van liefde...
By signing this manifest, we want to express in words what we see as the essence of every religion of love....
En signant ce manifeste, nous voulons exprimer par des mots ce que nous voyons comme l'essence de toute religion d'amour ....

We proberen de gemeenschappelijke elementen van alle religies van liefde te benoemen, die ons kunnen inspireren samen te bouwen aan een wereld van heelheid en liefde.
We try to name the common elements of all religions of love, that can inspire us to jointly built a world of wholeness and love.
Nous essayons de nommer les éléments communs de toutes les religions de l'amour, qui peuvent nous inspirer pour construire ensemble un monde de plénitude et d'amour ....

We willen kracht geven aan alle religie van liefde in het opstaan tegen onrecht, geweld en misbruik van religie voor verkeerde doeleinden.
We want to give strength to all religions of love when standing up against, injustice, violence and abuse of religion for wrong purposes.
Nous voulons donner de la force à toutes les religions d'amour quand nous nous dressons contre l'injustice, la violence et l'abus de la religion à des fins fausses ...


Thea Boom
Minke de Hulster
Anneke de Boer
Gert van Dalen

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